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Oct, 2020

Fall 2020 Parent Meeting Need to Know

With 2020 being so weird, here are the items that we as LYSA feel you need to know in order to make this Fall season as successful as possible.

  • I. Communication within LYSA:
    • If a parent/player problem arises the order of communication should be as follows: PARENT – COACH – COACHES MANAGER – VP/PRESIDENT
    • For specific information you can use the following list to directly contact a board representative.

President – Connor Haydn 440-371-4686 [email protected]
Vice President – Spencer Reid 440-315-0175
Treasurer/Fundraising- Nikki Ryder 440-213-8152
Secretary/uniforms – Erika Walker 440-225-1629
Registrar – Casey Hurst 440-865-2422 [email protected]
Coaches Manager/County Rep- Chris Putzier 440-829-9265
In-House Manager -Jen Haydn 440-865-6271
Field Manager- Melissa
Field Scheduler –Sam Hammond 440-406-6084
Travel League Rep -Jen Merrill 440-225-4568

  • II. Field info:
    • The fields that LYSA plays on are owned and maintained by Lagrange Community Park not LYSA
    • In the case of severe weather LYSA will make decide when fields are CLOSED. Playing on fields that are extremely water saturated or even under water is dangerous and can ultimately ruin our fields.
    • NO DOGS within 10 ft of soccer fields during practices and games. This is a County Rule and an insurance issue.
    • Please DO NOT park in any grass near any of the fields. 
  • III. Parent Code of Conduct and General info:
    • Parent Code of Conduct
      • Please refrain from criticizing other players on your team OR on the other team. Our kids are learning a team sport which includes GREAT sportsmanship on the part of parents and players to not only our team, but the opposing team.
      • Referees. Referees are the easiest target for our anger and frustration. DO NOT CRITICIZE A REFEREE during a game. Sometimes they make good calls, and sometimes they make bad calls. This is part of the sport. If you criticize the refs for how a game turns out, you are teaching your child to blame someone else when things go wrong.
      • KEEP IT POSITIVE ON THE SIDELINE. Young players succeed best when they have both the support of their coach AND positive encouragement of their parents. Young athletes do not need to be reminded of mistakes they made.
    • Rec Schedules will be posted on
  • IV. Return to play Phase 2
    • In Community practices and scrimmages allowed.
    • Social Distancing will be enforced when possible.
    • Game day model:
      • Teams will practice as normal throughout the week.
      • On Saturdays (Starting Aug. 29th) players will be split into small 4v4 or 5v5 games. Older players will be playing on smaller fields.
      • Spectators must be at least 6 feet away from the field and 6ft apart from each other but may sit along the opposite sideline of the players as well as behind goals.
      • PLEASE minimize the number of spectators.
      • NO YELLING AT THE PLAYERS. This goes for both coaches and parents!
        • This is a chance for the players to be creative and learn from failure or success in a game situation. Coaches will be there to guide positioning (for U7 – U11) and enforce rules. 
    • IF WE ENTER PHASE 3: We will abide by the rules that Lorain County Soccer sets forth.
  • V. Uniforms:
    • Uniforms that are ordered on time with LYSA will be delivered as soon as they are ready.
    • If you need replacement pieces for your uniform kit, you can order those individual items through us.
  • VI. Monthly LYSA Meetings:
    • We encourage any and all LYSA members to attend and participate in our monthly meetings.
    • Exact Meeting dates and times will be posted on Facebook however usually fall on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
  • VII. Upcoming Dates:
    • Week of August 10: Practices can begin (see coaches for days and times)
    • August 29: First “Game Day” of the season
    • September 13: First possible start date for Travel season
    • September 1- PICTURE DAY on field 5.  Stay tuned for times.
  • VIII. 2021 Spring Registration
    • Fall players can register for spring first.  This will start 12/1/20-1/31/21 just by sending in payment.
    • Starting 2/1/21 it will be Open Registration.
    • REMINDER: REC fees in the spring will be $60 for returning players.  In-house will be $50.00.
    • Fall players will only have to drop/send a check to:
      • Casey Hurst
      • LYSA Registrar
      • 123 Forest St
      • Lagrange, OH 44050